About us

Heart & Vascular Associates was founded by Harry T. Harper Jr., MD, in 1952. Dr. Harper Jr., is known as Georgia’s first cardiologist and founder of the Georgia Heart Association. He is recognized by numerous organizations for his dedication and contribution to the cardiology field both as a physician and educator. He served as consultant in cardiology to the surgeon general of the United States Army, and as consultant to President Eisenhower. Dr. Harper was directly responsible for advancing technologies in the cardiology field and assisting in the education of many cardiologists and nurses in the Augusta area. Following closely in his footsteps is Dr. Harry Harper III, who continued to practice at HVAA for 35 years until retiring in 2015.

Misssion Statement

HVAA is committed to providing quality and compassionate cardiovascular patient care. Our physicians are dedicated lifelong learners in medicine, dedicated to provide a superior standard of treatment and preventative care. Our mission is to maintain a warm and caring office atmosphere that promotes positive relationships and stimulates education, and growth for our patients and medical staff.